Unable to run

i would like to say that your bot works great…but i cant. it does not open… with memu opened or closed… or with nox opened or closed… i see the program in task manager but no gui at all. guess i will keep running until you fix your crap!

Hi there

Thanks for reaching out, and sorry to hear about the issues you are encountering.

I have gone ahead and changed your title to something a tad more appropriate, though I certainly understand your frustrations.

In order to resolve the issues you are reporting, we have to be able to reproduce them ourselves. As such, are you please able to provide information such as which version of MEmu you are using and whether you are on Windows 10? Also, are you please able to confirm that SkyBots is not being blocked by an overzealous anti-virus program or similar?


im a dev and this machine has no a/v at all… memu 7.2.9. system win 10 64, evga dark mobo, 32 gb ram, samsung ssd. 750ti graphics card

side note also running sqlexpress and have vs15,vs17,vs19 installed

from digging in your forum i see there is an api… what do you charge to play with it?

What happens if you run the bot as admin?

It is not openly accessible for the time being but we plan on making it so in the future. Are you a C# developer?

same… it shows as running in taskman but never shows on the screen

yes i develop in c# winforms, WPF, and asp

i have doe a few console apps aswell

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also looking at the program… comodo offers a digital sig for about 60 a year and adding it to your exe with signtool is really easy… it might help with the a/v and windows validation.

sorry i guess they went up 70 a year

That’s a good idea, thanks!

if your unfamiliar or need help with signtool… email me

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Hmm odd, will dig into some logs ASAP.

Nice, I just saw your post in #developers :+1:

is there any ETA on the api?

I don’t really have an accurate ETA on that unfortunately.

The API itself is actually done but we haven’t yet decided how to distribute it - suggestions are welcome :slight_smile: