Part 2: Setup & Configuration

Setup & Configuration

1. Installing .NET Core

Download and install .NET Core 3.1 from Microsoft. Once done you should be able to access the dotnet CLI via your terminal.

2. Installing an IDE

We recommend Visual Studio 2019 (or later) by Microsoft.

Note: you can use other editors like Rider but this tutorial series will focus on Visual Studio.

2. Creating a solution

Create a solution either via Visual Studio or the dotnet CLI – whichever you’re most comfortable with.

Through Visual Studio

  • Launch Visual Studio and create a new solution from the splash screen
  • From the “Solution Explorer” right-click “Solution ‘Foo’ (1 of 1 project)”
  • Select “Add → New Project”
  • Pick .NET Core class library

Through CLI

  • Create a new solution using dotnet new sln --name MyBotSolution
  • Create a new classlib using dotnet new classlib --name BotForGameX
  • Add it to MyBotSolution with dotnet sln add BotForGameX

3. Accessing the SkyBots API

In order to access our API you must add it through NuGet.

a) Right-click your project in the “Solution Explorer” and select “Manage NuGet Packages…”.

Screenshot for reference

b) Search for “SkyBots.API” and add it

4. Finishing up

The final step in part 2 is to verify that everything has been configured correctly.

a) Rename Class1.cs in the project you just created to HelloWorld.cs. If you don’t have Class1.cs, create a new class by right-clicking the project and choosing “Add → Class…”.

Screenshot for reference

b) Import the SkyBots.API namespace.

Code for reference
using System;
using SkyBots.API;

namespace BotForGameX
    public class HelloWorld

If Visual Studio does not highlight the new line as an error you are all set for the next part of this tutorial series where we begin implementing our first bot :clap::clap:. Continue reading here: Part 3: Our first bot (WIP)