Out of date

Hi. I’d like to test it, the game vesion that the bot uses is out of date.

Hi there

Thanks for your interest, and thanks for flagging this.

We will be pushing an update shortly.


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@Epic Is this still the case? Because the Bot can’t find the game:

If I try to use the function “Reinstall game”, it fails:


To clarify: Root is enabled in Nox and also ADB debugging. Doesn’t help.

Hi there

Thank you for reaching out and providing the attached screenshot. We will take another look accordingly. We appreciate your continued patience!


Same problem for me. Was going to use the trial version before purchasing. But I cant use it all.

Hey @a19a8286d @Squirrel! I’ve released a few updates since you guys posted. Does the issue still persist?

A small heads up: We have had users report issues with NoxPlayer for a while so to make things simpler for everyone we have decided to only support MEmu for now.

But memu has a really bad performance, hasn’t it? Thus, the bot can’t use it’s full potential.

What about BlueStacks?

Its performance should be up to par with other emulators. BlueStacks is very well established but quite bulky in comparison to both NoxPlayer and MEmu.

Hello the bot still doesn’t work, it still says searching for game

Hi Samuel

Which emulator are you using? Could you please try with MEmu?

I just saw your other post. Are you please able to confirm whether SkyBots is being blocked by your anti-virus or similar?


I have a custom windows build so Defender is permently off, i don’t have any other anti-virus software.

I’ll report back with disabling firewall

EDIT disabling firewall does not work, program is contstaly searching for memu

Help please :frowning:

No matter what I do, make Memu android 5 or 7 it doesn’t connect. On the help diagnose it says memu is detected and version is correct but game is wrong

Have you unzipped the files from SkyBots.zip to another folder (e.g. your desktop)?

The latest supported version of the game is 32.1.2 which one do you have?

Yes It’s on my desktop. I just updated this morning the whole skybots app because it directed me to do so, It says welcome to puzzles bot 1,0,7

I’m not a rookie running automation software, there is a problem somewhere connected to memu/finding game

Which version of Windows are you using and is it x86 or x64?

Edit: I assume you have tried to restart your PC since downloading the newest version, if not try giving that a shot

Windows 2004 64 bit, I’ve restarted my pc couple of times since. :frowning: I’d like to get this working so I can buy a sub.

So the bot fails to automatically connect to MEmu when you launch it; what happens when you manually click the “Reload Android” button?

I’m not sure you acually understand the issue… when i load puzzles bot i get the loading bar, meaning i cannot press reload android or any button

i have the same problem @a19a8286d does

sorry for making new post

Oh I see, that wasn’t clear to me. If possible, could you post a screenshot as well?

Yes one moment, im sorry i was not clear