New user trying to start Bot

Hey there.

Im a new user. Tried to use the bot with Nox with no success. Didnt even find the emulator. So i switched to Memu which works better not not fully. I’ve gotten to the part where i’ve configured the bot and started it. But it doesnt go to work, nothing happens after “Starting bot”

Im trying to use it for Empires and Puzzles.

Memu version : 7.3.3
Bot version : 1.09

I’ve started the bot as admin.

EDIT: Im using the trial version as im trying to see if it’s worth the money.

This website abandoned?

Hey there. We only support MEmu for the time being (see SkyBots | Support) so Nox will not work. Could you post the log content after starting the bot? Either as a screenshot or just copy+paste the text.


It stops here, nothing happens after this. Im running MEmu.

Nvm, someone else sold me a working bot.