Having a lot of issues

Here is what i noticed after 2 days of struggling
I know bot is able to work with multiple memu instances - I have 3 farms. Never, ever got it work with three at the same time - 2 tops.
one thing is that when bot starts it scans for running emulators and this seems to work - all are found after that when i want different settings per emulator it looks like what i mark at one (ex. World Gathering -> wood) this option remains the same for second one.
When I’m trying to close one of the tabs, when I click at last one it closes ok, but when I click first in middle one I cannot close last one at all.
What i did is try to override multiple instances at a time buy running one bot per instance, which kind of works, besides… 80% of time i get error with wrong resolution 1:1 and when I at some shot starts to work 19 out of remaining 20% cases is just spam of closing interface message.
I know it is a “preflight” project, but at the moment it is not usable.
Once when I got it running i tried Estate resource collection and it seems to do something but it completely misses the spot resulting with nothing really…
and yes, I downloaded newest version

the issue still persist after update

Do you do anything differently when it works/when it doesn’t? I’m trying to figure out the root cause of this issue.

I was struggling with that for some time. As I wrote im trying with 3 instances. After start there is always one that is not working properly. Sometimes it just takes couple of starts to make it work fine.
im using memu, currently in phone mode 720x1280, so it starts vertical and I have autorotate on and it seems its happening not that often, but instead I’m constantly having closing interface.
Before i had custom set to 1280x720 and then it was working, kindish, meaning when it initialized without 1:1 issue

as you can see on screenshot. Now it happens all the time

Thanks for reporting this, it should be fixed now.

Hmm, maybe it is, but can’t download the file. It says file not found

ok, downloaded from different link o website, but the download link in “how to” section does not work

We’ll get that updated, thanks. As far as updates go, you only need to manually download a new version when prompted to (the rest are handled automatically).

yes, I did, thanks. Updated to newest version and it seems not to throw error, but instead… closing

Same for Empire & Puzzle
“Invalid resolution” is passed out, but “closing interface” is back alive

Hi guys

Thank you for sending the above through.

We are working on a possible fix.

We apologies for the continued inconvenience this is causing, and appreciate your continued patience.


I can confirm it’s happening and seems to stuck with closing interface