Game Requests

Are you interested in seeing a bot for an unsupported game? Post below with its name/link along with what features you would like to see!

Rise of kingdoms. Please build a bot with memu player support.

Hi DavE

Thanks for your suggestion!

Which features in particular would you be interested in?


Game of Kings Blood Throne

I am looking for multiple accounts running to create resources. they would send resources to a bank account so the farms continue to produce.

Please support Puzzles & Survival ( It’s a combination of Empires & Puzzles and King Of Avalon:

Thank you.

Hi there!

Thanks for your request! Which features would you like to see specifically?


Well, there’s a lot of stuff you can do in this game. And since it’s basically a copy of two supported games, you could nearly copy and paste:

  • World Resource Gathering
  • Estate Resource Collection
  • Alliance Gift Collection
  • Troop Training
  • Monster Killing
  • Building Upgrading
  • Troop Healing
  • Campaign (aka World Map Raiding)
  • Alliance donations
  • Trap crafting
  • Estate Resource boosting
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Chip upgrades
  • Module upgrades
  • Cubus upgrades
  • Tavern Recruiting
  • Arena fights
  • Quiz
  • EVA enhancements

I agree please make a bot for this game!

Puzzles & Survival (