Game Requests

Are you interested in seeing a bot for an unsupported game? Post below with its name/link along with what features you would like to see!

Please cast a vote below if any of the entries interest you.

Game Requests
  • War and Order
  • Rise of Kingdoms
  • Game of Kings: Blood Throne
  • Puzzles & Survival
  • Mafia City
  • BizzCo
  • AstroKings

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Rise of kingdoms. Please build a bot with memu player support.

Hi DavE

Thanks for your suggestion!

Which features in particular would you be interested in?


Game of Kings Blood Throne

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I am looking for multiple accounts running to create resources. they would send resources to a bank account so the farms continue to produce.

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Please support Puzzles & Survival ( It’s a combination of Empires & Puzzles and King Of Avalon:

Thank you.

Hi there!

Thanks for your request! Which features would you like to see specifically?


Well, there’s a lot of stuff you can do in this game. And since it’s basically a copy of two supported games, you could nearly copy and paste:

  • World Resource Gathering
  • Estate Resource Collection
  • Alliance Gift Collection
  • Troop Training
  • Monster Killing
  • Building Upgrading
  • Troop Healing
  • Campaign (aka World Map Raiding)
  • Alliance donations
  • Trap crafting
  • Estate Resource boosting
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Chip upgrades
  • Module upgrades
  • Cubus upgrades
  • Tavern Recruiting
  • Arena fights
  • Quiz
  • EVA enhancements

I agree please make a bot for this game!

Puzzles & Survival (

It would be awesome if you made a bot for Mafia City to use with multi-memu. Gathering - that’s the biggest thing!!! And maybe a way to collect rewards from recurring events?:sweat_smile::grin::hugs:

Hi Monica

Thanks for your suggestion!

In addition to gathering and multi-account support, are there other feature you have in mind?


Game of kings blood throne some that could do events such as endless for me and also collect RSS and send it to a bank to farm resources maybe also kill monsters with energy also

Hello, i want a bot for BizzCo game

I would love to see a bot for AstroKings that could auto fight PVE pirates at a specified level repeatedly and could choose between regular pirates and event pirates (use the ingame scanner to find and then fight pirates). Or one that could send your ships out for resource gathering everytime they returned and could “pop” a shield for any incoming attacks.

Hell, I would pay for a bot that would attack Event Pirates at a specified level and resend fleets out to attack another as they returned. You already have your 5 fleets setup, it would just send out the preset fleets repeatedly. @Epic @rain

An affordable Mafia City farming bot.

One that’s labeled correctly, performs what it says it will, and uses rss hub boosts.

Please, I’ll even help create it.