Bot don't start


I just download the free version to try it in order to purchase the paid one if it work good. I follow the steps provided how to instal etc.My problem is that bot seems to running ( i can see the application at task manager) but on my screen doesnt saw anything.Also i try to run it as admin and again nothing, then i try windows7/8 compability but nothing again. I use nox atm, what can i do in order to make it work? Using w10 x64 bit atm my antivirus/firewall is closed and bot setted to exeptions.

Do i start 1st the android emulator and then the bot?

Thanks in advance.

Heya. At the moment we recommend using MEmu and not Nox. As for the startup order it shouldn’t actually matter, however, you can try starting MEmu first if you have issues the other way around.